We’re all dealing with the big question …

What is it about facing the truth that scares us?

From our earliest years, we’re taught to be honest and forthcoming in our relationships with others. We’re admonished for telling lies and cautioned about concealing information that could impact another’s perceptions or decisions.

We’re encouraged to “just be ourselves,” because without fully revealing our thoughts and feelings, no one would know who we truly are.

Yet, despite those well-meaning opinions, few practice full disclosure.

And it begs the question: How did the inclination to withhold the truth evolve into common behavior in the way we interact with others?

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I hope so. Because there's more to life than what we see on the surface. And getting to the core of our humanity - and recognizing our full potential - takes more than a scratch-and-sniff test.

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Author of Real Life | Discover Your Personal Truth | Life in Small Doses | Please God, Make Me A Writer. Jill's books, articles, & videos explore life, relationships, and personal success strategies for managing the complexities of everyday life.