Sitemap - 2022 - Real Life

How to Reduce Stress by Having Realistic Expectations — and a Backup Plan

My Inbox Held Me Captive. Barriers Had Been Breached - Trust and Agreements Broken

5 Suggestions to Help You Conquer the Choking Fear of Performance Anxiety

How to Deal with the Snakes in Your Life

A Cautionary Tale We Can't Ignore ... When Ego and Greed Destroy Our Planet, Who Will Be Left to Tell the Story?

Real Life Monthly Recap - August 2022

The Invasion of Toxic Conversation is Holding Our Society Hostage

You Deserve to Live a Real Life!

Are We a Bunch of Cowards, Afraid to Face the Facts of Life like Mature Human Beings?

The Source of Your Anxious Moments May be Closer to Home Than You Think

What's New and Exciting?

The Influence of a Positive Mentor Can Change Your Life

Everything We Do in Life Matters

A Death Bed Request Opened My Eyes to the Harsh Reality of a Wasted Life

Real Life Monthly Recap - July 2022

The Truth About the Whisper Game

How to Break Free of the Limiting Thoughts and Expectations of Others

The Power of Using Artful Distraction to Entertain and Persuade

4 Strategies to Unveil Your True Self to the World

The Hardest Thing to Do is Trust in the Process

Opportunities Surround Us - If We're Paying Attention

I Want to Be Funny Again, Complete with Giggles and Grins

Real Life Monthly Recap - June 2022

It's Time to Unload Your Mental Cart

Do You Use "Fake Happy" Tactics to Get Through the Day?

How I Convinced Myself to Get Off the Couch and Start Moving

How Closely Do You Pay Attention?

10 Ways to Build Positive Values and Improve Your Outlook on Life

Age is a Number, an Attitude, and a Reality

The Heartbeat of Past Generations Becomes the Rhythm of Our Lives

Summer is Here - And It's Too Late for Excuses

It’s Important to Have Dreams, Even if They Don’t Come True

Real Life Recap - May 2022

5 Ways to Handle a Wake-up Call From the Universe

Who Will Discover the Traces of Your Life?

5 Helpful Tips to Stay on Track When Your Thoughts Begin to Wander

Life in Small Doses - Because Sometimes, That's All We Can Handle

4 Suggestions for Navigating the Changes in Your Life

Thinking About Things Differently Can Get You the Results You Need

10 Simple Ways to Make Our World a Better Place to Live

Real Life Recap - April 2022

I Need to Make a Phone Call to Heaven and Talk to My Mom

4 Truths from an Ancient Civilization That Guide Me to a Promising Future

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12 Clues You're in the Presence of a People Person

Embrace Your Fears and Move Forward - On Your Own Terms

Life in Small Doses

Real Life Recap - March 2022

Living a Real Life is Up to You

How to Use Pause Theory to Realign Your Thoughts and Stay on Track

My Favorite Five Minutes of the Day is When the Laundry Basket is Empty

5 Steps to Regain Control of Your Emotions and Manage Your Fears

Real Life Recap - In Case Something Slipped By

Can't Remember the Last Time You Laughed Out Loud?

Coming to Grips with the Reality of Time Takes Practice

How to Squash the Urgency Syndrome and Get on With the Rest of Your Life

When People Are in Need, Every Effort to Help Counts

Simple Words Can Make a Big Difference in Another Person's Life

Are We Losing Sight of Our Humanity?

Life is Too Short to Play Games with Your Health

5 Strategies for Using Denial When You Need to Maintain Your Sanity

Good Fortune and Bad Karma Have Something in Common

The Power to Make a Difference is All in Your Head

Juggling is More Than a Talent - It's a Highly Practiced Skill

5 Tips for Creating a Positive Dialogue with Yourself

Tired of Being Told What to Do? Don't Let the Advice of Others Seep Under Your Skin

Is Your Life a Chaotic Mess? It's Time to Stop the Madness

A Few Tips for Keeping Your Cool When Someone Says No - to You!

Waiting for Things to Take Care of Themselves is a Waste of Time

Advice, Truths, and Insight from Those Who Have Lived Before Us

Guess What? These Are the Times of Our Lives

How to Keep the Fire in Your Soul from Scorching Your Spirit

You're Not Alone in This Life Journey

Face It: Following the Leader Will Get You Nowhere

The Magic of Seeing the World Through Another's Eyes

What's the Point of Doing the Hard Stuff?

Get Your Act Together